Our annual India trip this year invites you to open to teachings, practices and rituals that connect you to your inner altar. 
How do we access the most sacred sanctuary on the inside? How do we create intimacy with the Divine within? How do we deepen the relationship with inner intuition to create our own practices and rituals for Sadhana?
As we hold these questions for inspiration, we will journey into the sacred swirl of the city Varanasi, to the foot of the Himalayan mountains in Rishikesh and the sacred attunement of Kanchidam to be blessed at the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram.
This is a grounded trip intended to hold the container of integrating the teachings of the koshas, pranayama and meditation; alongside a cultural immersion of the birth place of this ancient practice. There will be opportunities to connect to the wisdom of the people, yogic teachings and your own inner wisdom while we travel and practice together.
This immersion will be an opportunity to crystallize how karma yoga (service in your practice) is amplified through these connections to your inner relationship with Spirit.
This is an advanced trip for seekers that are ready to fully surrender and meet their edges in practice. This trip requires openness, humility, surrender and spiritual maturity. 
*itinerary details are subject to change during the trip as we always stay in the flow to best serve the group in the present moment.
Preparation for this trip will require :
  • personal phone call with either Justyn or Jaina
  • Signed document to agree to the terms of the trip
  • 3 zoom meetings as a group prior to the trip 
  • The reading of ALL emails that detail how to prepare, travel and pack for the journey
  • Daily meditation practice
  • The reading of text “Be Here Now” by Ram Das